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Need to Nail That Next Job Interview?

Posted on August 22, 2013

Spruce up Your Locks for a Younger Look

Need to look younger?

Recruitment consultants are getting younger and younger and if you are a guy in the job market right now, you’ve probably noticed how young they are too.

Some of those guys out there who are entrusted to make our next career decision for us were only born in the ‘90s which seems like only yesterday (actually, come to think of it, it was).

So if you are looking to nail that new job this year, here are a few tips on how to make sure your hair doesn’t give the game away:

  1. Cover those signs of grey. It sounds obvious but many blokes just don’t think they need to dye their hair. C’mon if you are trying to rock a younger look, get thee to a hair salon and join the increasing number of guys who dye their hair (you’d be amazed at just how many there are these days)
  2. Dump the DIY haircut. Don’t let your wife/mum/daughter near you with scissors if she is not a qualified hairdresser
  3. Keep regular salon appointments. Try for every 4-6 weeks (3-4 if you are dying it). You will need to spend a bit of money here, but well groomed hair looks younger and fresher
  4. Keep your hair on. While it is tempting to shoot the shaved look, if you are trying to convey a younger look, suggest you save the shave for after you get the job
  5. Shake on some hair fibre coolness. Comes in a bottle in most men’s hair colours. Shake over thinning patches for an instant cover up. No need for your new boss to be introduced to your scalp just yet.

Nut Job Natural Hair Fibres is available here for just $39.

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