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Nut Job Dark Brown Hair Fibres 5 Pack - GET ONE FREE! Bulk Buy

Nut Job Dark Brown Hair Fibres 5 Pack - GET ONE FREE! Bulk Buy
Nut Job Dark Brown Hair Fibres 5 Pack - GET ONE FREE! Bulk Buy Nut Job Hair Loss Fibres for Men Dark Brown Nut Job Dark Brown Hair Fibres Before and After Nut Job Dark Brown Hair Fibres 5 Pack - GET ONE FREE! Bulk Buy
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Nut Job Dark Brown Hair Fibres 5 Pack - GET ONE FREE! Bulk Buy


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Got some balding bits you need to cover up? Most guys do, that’s why we created Nut Job!

Whether you’re just starting to notice some thinning or you have a decent sized chunk of visible scalp, we’ve got you covered (pun intended).

Any kind of hair loss in guys can be scary AF and researching solutions is hectic. There are literally thousands of potential solutions out there, millions of products and potions that will miraculously grow hair (they don't by the way), but there is one simple product that will actually just make you look like you have a full head of hair. Simple.

Nut Job clings like a mofo. Slightly electrostatic little stage 5 clingers grip to your hair shafts in wind, while playing sport, at the gym, in ... bed.

No one can see you have filled in those spots. Not even close up. 

It's a simple shake on product. Shake it over the thinning area, pat it down a bit so the fibres go along the hair shaft, add spray for a bit of insurance (not 100% necessary but many of us do anyway). Then you are good to go.

Nut Job has revolutionised the hair fibre game. There are a few similar products on the market but they’re chock full of chemicals, made from animal products, turn green in the sun and can run down your face with sweat (Rudy Giuliani anybody?). 

Nut Job is a vegan product made from cotton, with minimal chemicals (in fact 0.00001mg per application), so your follicles remain healthy. It’s totally colourfast so you won’t have to check your reflection at every available opportunity.

Are you surrounded by guys with loads of hair? Looking at those TV personalities with heaps of hair and wondering why you? You are not alone! The vast majority are using hair fibres like Nut Job. We know because we supply them!

Even if you are holding out hope for a more expensive solution like surgery or medication, Nut Job is perfect to fill in the spaces in the meantime.

This 5 pack qualifies for free shipping! We know once you start using Nut job, you will want to continue. So - nothing to lose!

Once you've joined the thousands of Aussie guys using Nut Job, you'll want it reliably delivered. No problems you can ...


Our subscription service allows you to regularly receive your Nut Job supply at a discount! You can set your usual order to be automatically delivered to you at a regular interval (every 1-4 weeks or 1-4 months). This helps make sure you never run out when you need it most! You can change your subscription preferences at any time by logging in to your account and even if you change the frequency of your delivery you still retain the same great price!

Please note: If you sign up to a subscription, you agree to receive at least two shipments. The subscription discount is not valid for use with other offers and subscription orders are not eligible for change of mind refunds. 

However, you can log in and cancel your subscription manually at any time.

Special Note regarding all Nut Job orders:

Please check your order thoroughly. Once you have placed your order the fulfillment process is FAST and completely automatic. We cannot intervene in your order once it's been placed. So please do not send us an email asking us to fix your address, change your colour or adjust your order in any way. You can read our returns and shipping policy by clicking on the ? symbol next to Shipping on your shopping cart before you check out. 

Having said that though, we're pretty chill. So we will do all we can to make you into one of us (guys who get the looks from the ladies!).

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New Zealand New Zealand

Hair fibres

Fantastic I have been using this product for years. I am a female with “ female pattern baldness” which continues to worsen however the fibres continue to hide it well, saving embarrassment and looking so much older. I think you should advertise it for women, I’m 100% satisfied, thank you

Adam A.
Australia Australia

Nut Job changed my life

Thank you Nut Job, my hair started falling out at the back 15 years ago, my relationships ground to a halt, my confidence disappeared over night, I started trying not to let women see me from behind, I became slightly paranoid, even at times girls laughed at me calling me baldy, I became recluse and didn't want to leave the house, and then 4 years ago I discovered Nut Job. My friends can't believe it, I had a girl friend for 12 months who stayed over 3 nights a week and even though we are no longer together she never knew about my bald patch. I recommend Nut Job to every man I see in my position who doesn't know there is a simple, cheap alternative to a life of misery. Thank you Nut Job, you changed my life, I will always be grateful.

Mark B.
Australia Australia

Great Product

This is now a staple in my bathroom cabinet to help my follicly challenged bonce. A great product that literally works like magic.

New Zealand New Zealand

Hair fibres

Fantastic, you should promote this for women like myself, definitely a market for the product

Australia Australia

Great product

Excellent experience Easy to use Looks great