Are hair fibres safe?

Are there any hair fibre side effects?

Cotton hair building fibres do not have any known side effects. In fact some customers report hair growing back while using Nut Job Cotton Hair Building Fibres. Most Keratin hair fibres contain a long list of chemicals and can cause irritation and itching. But generally, hair fibres do not prevent hair from growing back.

Nut Job is not a hair growth product, but if hair has been treated with surgery, minoxidil or if another cause such as medication or hormone imbalance has been corrected, then hair can and will grow back. If hair is going to grow back, then Nut Job Hair Building Fibres will not prevent it.

Some of the keratin hair fibre products will cause scalp itching and burning and many users of keratin hair fibres claim that they find the dyes leach out and create a greenish tinge on the scalp. This can be especially evident in the sun. Keratin hair fibres are either a chemical compound made in a lab to resemble the keratin in hair or derived from animals. When derived from animals keratin hair fibres must be heavily treated with antibiotics and other chemicals to make it appropriate for human consumption. 

Some of the keratin fibre products are extremely cheap and we know that these are generally of very poor quality and usually contain ammonium sulfate - a known chemical irritant. 

What are hair building fibres made of?

Hair fibres are typically divided into 2 groups; the older keratin fibres, and the newer technology cotton fibres. Cotton hair fibres like Nut Job are made from the cotton plant. There are minimal chemicals required to make Nut Job Cotton Hair Fibres cling to the hair since cotton has a natural cling factor. Keratin hair fibres are either made from a long list of chemicals to imitate the keratin found in hair or they are made from animal products and then chemically treated so they pass for human use.  

Will Hair fibres stop new hair from growing?

No, Hair fibres are too large to fit into your follicles and block them. Good quality hair fibres will also cling effectively to the individual hairs on your hair, rather than settling on your scalp.

In addition, cotton hair thickening fibres have a higher cling value so they tend to stick to the hair more and therefore less seem to gather on the scalp.  

Are hair fibres bad for your hair?

Cotton hair fibres like Nut Job Hair Building Fibres for Men with Hair Loss are not bad for your hair. They are made from natural cotton and are vegan, and contain minimal chemicals. We have heard from customers that they have experienced hair growth, from hair growth medications like minoxidil, while using Nut Job Hair Building Fibres. Unfortunately, keratin hair fibres contain a large array of chemicals. Best to check your hair fibre ingredient list for the best cotton hair fibres. Ingredient list should not contain "keratin".  

Are all Hair fibres full of harmful chemicals?

Unfortunately all the keratin brands we’ve researched (including the older technologies like Toppik) contain some pretty nasty chemicals, the most harmful being DMDM hydantoin. Some of these chemicals can cause some pretty serious side effects in people who are susceptible to them, so it’s a good idea to check the ingredients of a hair fibre before using it.

Cotton Hair Thickening Fibres DO NOT contain harmful chemicals and tend to have a fairly natural list of ingredients, so it’s a good idea to look for a cotton fibre if you’re sensitive to chemical additives or conscious of avoiding them for any reason.

Hair fibres side effects

Will Hair fibres go green if exposed to sun or water?

Yes, keratin hair fibres do turn green in the sun. We did some tests with various hair fibres by shaking them into a glasses of water. All the keratin fibres we tested (mostly browns of different brands) turned the water bright green! Leaving the keratin fibres in the sun caused the blonde keratin fibres to turn green too.

All of the cotton hair fibres we tested did not change the colour of the water at all, even after a couple of weeks. Cotton seems to be more colourfast.  

Will Hair fibres stain my scalp/clothes/ pillowcase?

Most of the keratin brands we tested leeched at least a bit of colour onto fabrics, though it washed out. This is probably due to being less colourfast than cotton (as tested above). As for scalp staining, we found that with any moisture, the keratin fibres did colour the scalp (sometimes green!). However, this did wash off when hair was washed.

None of the cotton hair fibre brands we tested leeched any colour on scalp or fabrics, even with a little moisture.  

Are Hair fibres itchy or do they irritate the scalp?

We blind tested a bunch of keratin hair fibre products and found that some people did find them to be a bit itchy and irritating. This is likely due to the chemicals used. It should be noted, however, that not everybody was irritated by them and not all products caused irritation.

None of the cotton brands we tested irritated the scalp. This is probably because they are made from a natural fibre and tend to use natural colours and be chemical free.  

Do Hair fibres contain animal products?

Most keratin brands do use animal products to synthesise their keratin, including wool, horns, feathers, claws and hooves. Since these animal products contain a large amount of bacteria, a significant amount of bactericides and preservatives are required which is why it’s just not possible to find an all-natural keratin hair fibre.

Cotton hair fibres are vegan. There is no reason for cotton hair fibres to include any animal products since the fibres themselves are derived from plants. If you are concerned about animal products and welfare in general, opt for cotton fibres and check that the company you’re buying from doesn’t test on animals. 

It is best to ensure you use only cotton hair fibres like Nut Job™ Hair Building Fibres. Check out the full range of colours here.

Complement your low chemical hair fibres with a low chemical, all natural shampoo. Nut Job Follicle Fortifying Shampoo for men with hair loss has been designed to minimise the chemicals that come in contact with your scalp.

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Applying Nut Job Hair Fibres

As you can see, Nut Job Hair Fibres are easy to apply and so effective! You'll have a thicker head of hair in no time at all and be able to cover those thinner areas with ease. Our fibres are naturally derived from cotton and won't irritate your scalp or clog your follicles. They're completely colourfast and won't run if you sweat or get wet. If you're into water sports or want to conceal grey hair too, double up with Rootz Waterproof Scalp and Grey Root Concealer, and you're all set for a healthy head of thick hair!