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Nut Job gives me confidence, especially in the gym I work in as a personal trainer.. In an industry where image is very important, covering up the thinning parts is easy and undetectable.. so happy with this product.




I've been using Nut Job for over a year now. I use the dark brown since that closely matches my natural hair colour. Nobody knows I'm using anything in my hair. I suggest you guys give it a go! It is so easy to use.

Before and After Nut Job Hair Thickening Fibres

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This is such a brilliant product and not just for men. While women may not suffer from hair loss in the same way - or to the same extent as men - in our later years thinning & areas where the scalp becomes obvious is very common. This solved my problem completely - with a couple of shakes I can fill in my thinning areas & wear my hair any way I like.
Nut job for women with thinning hair


I use Nut Job every day because it instantly thickens my hair and covers  my crown. I use the grey and am very happy with it. One bottle last 2-3 months, which is great value!

Michael Before and After Nut Job


I have been using your product for approximately 4 years now and I think that it is excellent. Its like a man makeup for men. I feel so comfortable now in public and much more excited about going out. I will continue to use the product and will be ordering more online in the future.

Before and After Nut Job


Great for women as well as men.  I am a woman and have been using this product for years. I love it!! Thank you Nut Job


I find Nut Job is so easy to use. Also I diluted the spray (50/50) with water and found that gave a more natural look.


I was really surprised by these results, I didn't expect it to look this natural. In fact to be honest, I was convinced you would be able to see it. A friend (female) put this in my hair and told me that it would work and I was not convinced. So here are the results, and I had to admit, you actually can't see it at all, you can only see what looks like more hair. 



Nut Job shakes on and covers up so easily. Love it and can't live without it now. Thicker looking hair. No mess easy to use. Just try it. I was skeptical at first but for 50 bucks thought why not. I don't write reviews but love this product.


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Looks like I have more hair than I really do. Looking much younger with Nut Job in place.



I can have a full head of hair any time I want.



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First and foremost, I'm going to say that I am NOT someone paid to post a rating for this product. I am a male, age 46, who is balding but with some fine enough hair for these fiber products to work on me. I started in December 2015 using Caboki, Nanogen, Toppik and Xfusion and I while I was excited using these products at first and amazed at how it made me look like I had so much more hair, I found that when I'm out in the sun these products made of Keratin fibers make your hair either turn Green (Caboki, Toppik, Xfusion) or purple (Nanogen). I was very devastated by this and disappointed. After spending HOURS reviewing forums, etc. I came across a product called Nut Job. I broke out the Nut Job for the very first time on 16/04/2016 and I was absolutely amazed with the results. Nut Job blended in with my hair and it actually feels so much more like my real hair, it feels smoother and like the real deal. The medium brown in the Nut Job covers perfectly for me. And of course Nut Job blows all of the other products out of the water when it comes to the quality and coverage. No matter which product you are using, the key is to always make sure to use a hair spray on it to lock it in and make it look natural. I still actually purchase the Xfusion Fiber Mist Spray because I do like that spray product better than any other hair spray to lock fibers in. Also, the big difference between Nut Job and the others is that it's a fiber made out of cotton vs. keratin. I'm telling you all that from HOURS of trying these products out and lots of money spent on them in the last several months to find the right one, Nut Job is the best one to go with for males. It really changes your life and you feel so much more confident when going out. Nobody says to me anymore, WOW, you have a shiny head. Instead I hear people say, it looks like your hair is growing again. I will NEVER stop using this as long as I still have the fine hair I do. One other thing, I am a runner and have been out running in around 30+ degree weather, have sweated and it does hold up. When it looks like rain or is raining, I always carry an umbrella. (Dave)

"I have been buying Nut Job, Medium Brown for 2 years and I just want to say what a great product it is. It’s great to see such a high quality product on the market in Australia. I hope you stay in business for a long long time! Right now, I’m about to put in another purchase!" (Simon)

"Fantastic product and great service, SO fast :)"  (Josh)


"Just got this product today in the post... as I'm going very light on the back off my head. Absolutely can't believe how good it works. I'm absolutely delighted. Great work guys and thank you very much." (Tony)

"G’day  you blokes out there who are thinking about using the Nut Job Fibres , I can honestly say “ DO IT “ This product is absolutely awesome !! The 1st time I used it I was “WOW & instantly happy,. I went from wearing  hats as much as I could & stressing about social events where I couldn’t wear a hat to hardly ever wearing a hat & looking forward to social events . It absolutely works !! To be able to sprinkle some Hair Fibres onto your existing thin hair areas & end up with a full good looking head of hair is just plain awesome !! I have purchased all the products & find they work so well together . I put a small amount of the Carelli Gloss Treatment onto my dry hair , sprinkle on some Nut Job Fibres & let it dry naturally & i’m good to go day or night . A light spray with the Finishing Spray for a bit of extra hold if i think I need it works great. Some Recovery Oil for a bit of a Treatment after Shampooing gives the my hair some extra volume. I can honestly can’t thank Team Nut Job enough for coming up with the Nut Job Fibre products which has made a huge difference to my confidence & more importantly my life. I just hope these Guys around for years to come so I can getting purchasing their products. Huge Thanks to Team Nut Job!" (Chris)


"Been using nut job for a few years and it has never let me down. My friends all think I have a full head of my own hair. I would recommend this to anyone looking to get out of wearing a hat look. Fast delivery when ordered. Highly recommend." (Matt)

"BEST Hair Fibre Product out on the market for men. I've been using Nut Job hair for long time now... Nut Job blended in with my hair nicely, feels so much more like my real hair... yes I strongly recommend this product! (Fred)"


"Nut Job is an awesome hair product. I was skeptical at first after trying other hair fibre kind of products. This has been the best I have ever used... and I've tried them all! I love how natural it looks. Some of the others I tried had a green look to them and even worse, another brand once ran dye down my face once when I got got wet in the rain. Totally learnt my lesson and will never use anything but Nut Job again. It's stays put and has never let me down." (Tom)

"Once I found out about nut job I ordered 2 bottles and never looked back, even though I have done 3 hair transplants I still use nut job to keep my hair looking as good as it did when I was 18 years old." (Dan)


"The nut job is simply amazing. It builds my confidence again. I look at least 5 years younger. The fibres stay on the root of hair even under wet conditions. Try Nut Job, your new life begins now." (David)

"I was sceptical about Nut Job but decided to give it a go. I was surprised and delighted with the results: my hair was instantly soft and lustrous with a massive volume boost, and my thinning areas were instantly concealed. I would unreservedly recommend this product. It's easy to use, natural looking and great value for money."(Bob)


"Nut job is fantastic! After years of trying different products, nothing compares to this. It is quick and easy and blend in well with my hair. Slight balding and patches are no longer to be seen. Really happy with this product and I assure you, after using Nut job you will be impressed too." (Rick)

"Nut Job is great for thickening my hair.  I have the early stages of MPB and particularly have thinning at the front and crown.  I use Nut Job every morning to thicken up those spots and once applied my hair looks natural and full.  I really dislike the balding process and I am certainly not ready to accept it.  I have tried many other products to stop or slow the process but none of these have had any effect.  Nut Job is the only product that works and helps me to feel confident in how I look." (Steve)


"Mate, this stuff is awesome. You know it works and its hassle free" (James)

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"Not a bad product you can see the "change" straight away !! The colours match really well and you cant even tell it is on !! Seems to last a long time so good value for money.  The hair must be completely dry though for best results." (Luke)


"Nut Job does does a good job of filling those noticeable thin spots on your head - it's no miracle cure but for those who need all they can get, it is a viable option to improve your looks." (Steve)

"Used nanogen, looked good but rubbed off too easy. Used Nut Job, looked just as good but did not rub off as easy. Great product, no more nanogen for me. Prompt delivery. 100% satisfied.  Thank you" (Alex)


"This is the best product I have found. I have thinning hair and as soon as I apply Nut Job it looks thick!!! It is so easy to apply. I love it so much because it makes me feel so much better about myself." (Linda)

"Great product, looks natural and doesn't stick to the scalp." (Scott)


"Works Wonders" (Haydn)

"After using NUT JOB, I won't be going back to nanogen. I found ur product not only superior but also better value for money. You have a fan." (Colin)


"I like to say how impressed I am with Nut Job. I have tried a few out there and most don't cling properly to the hair.

I work in an office and wear white shirts. The others all fall out during the day and I'm was always conscious of fibers on the collar, not to mention those that fall down my back. To take your shirt off at night to see  a dirty collar was not good. Nut Job covers easily and you don't need much. A little goes a long way. The hair spray is really good and has a pleasant smell to it. Amazing no dirty collars. Very happy with Nut job. Will be ordering it again." (Ron)

''In the last 3 years I have tried 5 different hair fibre brands, some better than others. I tried Nut Job for the 1st time last month and this product is unquestionably superior to the others. It looks far more natural, stays on better and last longer..." (Harry)


"The quality is good and it's better than other products" (Sally)

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I feel confident with fuller hair that Nut Job provides. Very undetectable.

I like it due to it is very natural look and I like the spray also cos it makes me feel confident about to keeping the style of my hair.

I like it because it doesn't end up on my pillow and if someone touches the top of my hair, I don't have to go through the embarrassment of explaining to them why their hand is black.

I have been finding it hard to deal with my hair loss and can't afford to visit a hair replacement clinic but after giving Nut Job a go I am so much more confident and don't dread doing my hair in the morning.

Easy and quick to use. Very natural no one notices. Even my hairdresser can't believe the results 

I'm glad I came across it. My anxiety and worry is now resolved. It does such a fantastic job on me that others have started to wonder how I've "regrown" the thinning out.

It hides my bald spot and is very easy and quick to put in

Nut job is great it makes my hair look thicker and fuller. It gives me more confidence when I go out in public. It's the best product in use by far.

Great effective product which helps me with a major issue in life, hair-loss

Just peace of mind when I go out, also with friends and family, knowing I'm not bald when I use Nut Job makes me feel relaxed.

It just works well, it comes out of the shaker perfectly and lands in all the right places. The fibres are good quality and it lasts all day.

Nut Job is cheap, fast postage, looks like real hair, wide sprinkle surface, easy to use, makes me look cool & gorgeous (that's what people at the bars/clubs said)

I like how well the product works to hide hair loss and how easy it is to apply. It hides my bald spot completely and makes my hair way more manageable. I just wish I discovered this product years ago.

Its easy to take with you. the way it pours is superior to other products like Fibond

Easy to use, looks natural, doesn't irritate the scalp

I like it because it works! Also it's quick & easy, and once it's on I don't notice or think about it. And I now don't have to wear a hat all the time

I like that it's really quick to use, I can do it very quickly in the bathroom discreetly without others really realising it. That's the big thing.

I like the fact that it's so quick and easy to apply and the colours blend together perfectly and completely undetectable. I chuck in my styling products afterwards with ease and no mess

It's easy and simple to use. I can bring it anywhere.

It's relatively cheap. I wish I'd had it a couple of years ago when my hair was longer for my wedding photos.

The thickness of the fibers is second to none and I've tried about 10 other brands.

I really like how l can get a good appearance by using a light colour with a darker one for a highlighted appearance

It gives me such a confidence boost. I can't control my genes but I would recommend anyone who is experiencing thinning hair to try it, especially if from a young age.

Nut Job is an immediate solution to thinning hair and no-one will know that you are using it if they did not know you before you started using it.

Easy to apply, it's also a good match for my hair colour. It doesn't make me itchy and I prefer to order from Australia rather than overseas.

Nut job has given my confidence a big boost. it is very easy to put on and no one can even tell i have thinning hair. Thanks heaps guys.

Nutjob ia hassle free product to apply and automatically blends in with my hair colour.The tone blending is amazing. Impossible to notice.

The best on the market at this time.....:)

Nut Job is not like anything on the market. I have tried others but they look fake in the sun or in general. I even used Nut Job when it was windy and it didn't disappoint!

Nut Job is very effective at producing thicker looking hair that also looks natural. Cheaper brands tend to stick to my scalp and are therefore more noticeable.

I am a hairdresser and I got it for an elderly female client who has thin hair and its great. I apply it once a week when she has a blow dry service.

It does what it says with a great, dramatic result.

Does a good job at making hair appear much thicker and can't be easily detected if you don't go overboard with the application

It is great! I am an actor and I use it every time I go on set - it is makeup for my head!

It looks natural whereas Toppik doesn't. My hair still has movement and lightness to it whereas Toppik weighs it down and makes it look dull. I feel like I don't have powder in my hair so less embarrassing.

I like how real it looks and the fact it it is a natural product. I was about to purchase Caboki as they advertise heavily, but when i googled them, a Nut Job ad appeared..and the rest is history!

Discreet packaging and ease of use. Local Australian supplier so no long waits for shipping. Good service all around really.

I like that it's local and the ease of using it. It really gives me great confidence to step out and not have to worry about my thinning bald spot.

It's really good when you plays sports; it hangs in there & it's pretty incredible actually. The coverage is so natural.

It gives me the confidence that was stolen from me the day my fathers genetics took over ,every man deserves a good head of hair

Nutjob is easy enough to apply and doesn't irritate the scalp. It is also a close match to my natural hair colour. When used in combination with hair spray it does remain on the hair for the day regardless of the weather.

Ive been using it for years now and still with every application I'm amazed at the simpleness and results within seconds. I feel instantly confident and know it will stay that way until I'm ready to wash it off. The product is fantastic and couple this with total ease of ordering and SUPER FAST delivery well ...

I like the product once it's in my hair you don't even notice I've used it!!!!

Ease of use. Doesn't just colour in the scalp. Looks real.

It is such an easy and cheap way to gain confidence of a full head of hair. No man likes to notice his scalp is visually thinner, Nut Job takes away that anxiety

My experience has been great. Doesn't go green in the sun like Toppik.

I have very fine hair and feel very self conscious, Nut Job covers my scalp without tell tale signs and I feel so much more confident. I love the look on my friends faces when I put it in their hair as well as they can see the difference straight away.

Order always arrives within a day or two of placing my order. I like how the colour some how blends in to the surrounding hair that I do have. Ive had a frontal hairline restoration , but have not had my crown restored yet. With nut job, I have a full head of hair again.

It really does what it says. No gimmicks. No false advertisements. Not very pricey. I'd definitely recommend!


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Applying Nut Job Hair Fibres

As you can see, Nut Job Hair Fibres are easy to apply and so effective! You'll have a thicker head of hair in no time at all and be able to cover those thinner areas with ease. Our fibres are naturally derived from cotton and won't irritate your scalp or clog your follicles. They're completely colourfast and won't run if you sweat or get wet. If you're into water sports or want to conceal grey hair too, double up with Rootz Waterproof Scalp and Grey Root Concealer, and you're all set for a healthy head of thick hair!