Nut Job vs keratin hair fibres

There's a problem with keratin-based hair fibres...

...and it's pretty easy to see what it is! They are not colour fast!

Many brands of hair fibres on the market today, are boasting that they are made of keratin which is supposed to be similar in composition to human hair.

Seeing green?

Keratin-based products cannot hold their colour when in contact with moisture, because keratin fibres are water soluble. Think sweat or rain. Not a happy prospect when it's on your head.Keratin hair fibres turn green in the sun and in water
We added some keratin hair fibres to a beaker of water and as we suspected, the solution turned green! We did the same to Nut Job and sure enough... nothing! No colour and not even a single clump.

What about chemicals?

The keratin used in hair products and hair fibres in particular, is usually derived from animals. This means it naturally contains a large amount of bacteria which needs to be treated with a range of chemicals, antibiotics, bactericides and preservatives in order to create safe cosmetic products for human use. When your hair quality is compromised and thinning out, you do not need to be adding another load of chemicals to your poor follicles.  

But you can rest easy - Nut JobTM Hair Fibres are made from 100% natural cotton fibres - found in nature and derived from plants. Cotton is generally colour fast and serves as a stable base. Nut Job colours are completely stable. Nothing runs and no colour leaches out - ever. Nut Job won't leave you in the lurch! 

Jim's Horrific Story

Check out this story from a keratin hair fibre user:

Keratin hair fibres leach out colour in the sun and when wet"...last weekend the most embarrassing thing happened. We were hiking for 3 days on the Larapinta Trail in the Northern Territory. It was a great roughing-it adventure, no showers or other such comfort amenities. I applied my usual dose of a [popular brand] of hair fibres before I left home and decided to wear my white bandana to keep the "hair issue" at bay for the three days. No chance for a hair wash of course. Thought I was pretty safe and didn't give it another thought.

Late in the morning on day two, one of the guys I was hiking with gave me a very strange look and asked if everything was ok with me. I said yes and gave him a strange look back. I mean, we are all sweaty as hell, and tired from time to time, but yes, I was generally feeling ok.

He then asked me what was with my sweat, he said it was green. I was like, huh?

He said my bandana seemed to be going green across my forehead. I ripped that bandana off quick smart and sure enough, the whole bloody front of it had turned green with huge green water marks all over it.

I was embarrassed yes, but I was also really mad.

Luckily I had another bandana with me, so I replaced it and said nothing much about it after that. But my mind was swirling with questions. The only thing I could think of that might have caused the green sweat, was my hair fibres. Other than that, there was nothing else in my hair or on my forehead and it wasn't a new bandana, so I knew it wasn't that.

For the rest of the weekend I was worried about what was going on "on top". Were the fibres green on my head? Did my hair look green too? I did have an opportunity to wash my face and so I ran my head under the tap and washed out the fibres as best as I could.

Once home, I googled hair fibres and green, and discovered that all the so-called keratin hair fibres had this issue, they are not colour fast! They leach green dye when they get wet - a known issue!

So then I discovered that there is a whole new generation of hair fibres that are colour fast. They are made from cotton and not animal products. Cotton is colour fast.

Now I use Nut JobTM because it's made from cotton and is definitely colour fast. No colour runs. Would definitely recommend to anyone to switch to Nut JobTM. You never know when you may sweat and you don't want to risk it turning green."

Check out the full range of Nut Job cotton hair fibre products here.


Applying Nut Job Hair Fibres

As you can see, Nut Job Hair Fibres are easy to apply and so effective! You'll have a thicker head of hair in no time at all and be able to cover those thinner areas with ease. Our fibres are naturally derived from cotton and won't irritate your scalp or clog your follicles. They're completely colourfast and won't run if you sweat or get wet. If you're into water sports or want to conceal grey hair too, double up with Rootz Waterproof Scalp and Grey Root Concealer, and you're all set for a healthy head of thick hair!