How To Hide Hair Loss At The Crown with Pictures

How To Hide Hair Loss At The Crown with Pictures

What is the best way for men to hide hair loss at the crown?

A thinning crown is the easiest type of hair loss to hide. The simplest and most common way to hide hair loss at the crown is to shake in some hair building fibres, as these give an instant result (see image below). Nut Job™ is a slightly electrostatic hair thickening fibre designed to cover up balding spots at the crown. It is impossible to tell that hair fibres are in place, even close up.

How do hair building fibres work? 

Nut Job™ Hair Thickening Fibres are made from natural cotton. The fibres have been designed to have a high cling factor using a slight electrostatic charge. They must be applied to clean dry hair and will stay in place in wind and rain and while playing sport or at the gym.

Do you want to know more about how hair thickening fibres work to hide hair loss at the crown? Click here to see how they work

The second tip is to brush your hair back from the top of your head to cover your crown. Sounds simple, but most men don’t think to do this. This is simply a different way to style your hair. This may involve growing the top mid section of your hair a little longer so it can be combed back. 

Invest in a hand-held mirror. Use a hand-held mirror to see the back of your hair at the crown and ensure your hair is covering up your bald spot. If your hair is much shorter at the crown, then hair loss can easily be covered with hair fibres. Some men find that their hair grows in a circular direction at the crown (see image below) which makes it difficult to comb mid-section hair back over the crown. Hair fibres is a great way to cover up hair loss at the crown if this is the case. As is growing your hair a little longer (like image here). Don’t be tempted to go for a number one cut as this is the hardest hair style to cover up bald spots.

Just about every television personality uses hair thickening fibres like Nut Job™ for an instant result. 

Nut Job is a natural product and does not cause any irritation and has no side effects. But remember they must be applied to clean dry hair and will stay in place in wind and rain and while playing sport or at the gym.


Before and after pictures showing how a male can hide balding on the crown

How to hide hair loss on the crown

Using your hand held mirror to get good visibility of the crown area, style your hair as usual, or comb some hair into the crown area. Do this with wet hair to get maximum staying power. Dry hair doesn’t move into a new position very well, so if you are changing the pattern of your hair style, you will need to do this to wet hair. 

Step One:

Wash hair and style it by combing your hair into a style that partially covers the balding crown. Dry hair with hair dryer for maximum effect of the hair fibres.

Step Two:

Shake in some Nut Job™ Hair Fibres onto the crown area. Using your hands just pat in the hair fibres so they are encouraged to move down the hair shaft and not sit on top of the hair.

The images shown display a number of different examples of Nut Job™ in action. The simple application process may be helped along by positioning the remaining hair over the crown, changing the direction of hair brushing to help create volume and then adding Nut Job Hair Thickening Fibres.


How is Nut Job™ different from other hair fibres?

Nut Job is not made from keratin like most of the other kinds of hair fibres. Keratin is a chemical that is made in a laboratory to imitate the natural protein in hair. Unlike real hair, keratin products are water soluble and so the colour runs and the fibres lose their colour. If you sprinkle some keratin hair fibres into a glass of water you will see that the colour immediately leaches out and turns the water green!

Some blonde keratin hair product users comment that their hair actually looks like it turns green. Keratin Hair Fibres are derived from animal proteins and usually contain a large number of chemicals. Cotton Hair Fibres are made from the cotton plant and are low chemical, low irritant and vegan.

Further reading on Nut Job Hair Building Fibres. Check out the reviews for Nut Job™.

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