Nut Job - Serious Hair


What is NutJobTM made from?

NutJobTM is made from 100% natural cotton fibres and dyed with natural dyes. We have gone to great lengths to create a product that looks and feels like your natural hair without resorting to harsh chemicals and artificial products. After all, your hair is natural so why wouldn't your hair builder be? You can see the full ingredients list below.

Is NutJobTM safe for everyday use?

Absolutely! NutJobTM is natural and doesn't affect your hair or scalp at all. You can go on living your life with a brand new everyday solution!

How long does NutJobTM last and how do I remove it?

NutJobTM will last in your hair until you wash it out. To remove, simply wash your hair as you normally do and once your hair has dried, you may reapply long lasting NutJobTM again.

Will NutJobTM come out on my clothes or pillow?

No. NutJobTM is very static so it will cling to your hair no matter what you're doing.

I've spilt some NutJobTM, will it stain?

No, NutJobTM is totally colourfast. Simply to brush it off and it will disappear into thin air.

Can I use NutJobTM with my hair regrowth treatment?

Absolutely! This is part of the reason why we developed NutJobTM with natural ingredients, so it won't react with hair regrowth solutions, laser treatments or hair transplants. This means that you can have instant results whilst you wait for the results of your treatment to appear.

Can I use my regular styling products with NutJob?

You sure can. NutJobTM won't react with any styling products you use on your hair. Just make sure that when you apply NutJobTM your hair is clean and dry and don't go overboard with the products, after all, you have a perfect head of hair now, no need to style up a storm to cover anything up! Show off your new natural look. Also remember that the fixative spray will hold you style so many guys find that the NutJobTM system is all they need to style their hair.

If people see NutJobTM in my bedroom or bathroom, will they know I have thinning hair?

All the information about thinning hair is printed on the box NutJobTM comes in, so once you throw that away, you are left with an inconspicuous bottle that looks like all the rest of you styling products. So don't worry, if your girlfriend snoops, she'll just think NutJobTM is another product you use to shape your full head of hair.

If anyone sees my package when it's delivered, will they know my secret?

No, our packages don't say anything about thinning hair on the outside, so your secret is safe!

How do I know which NutJobTM colour to pick?

NutJobTM colours have been created to perfectly match your hair colour, however, everyone's hair is different. Some people will require two different colours mixed together to achieve best results. We do our best with the colour representations on our website, however, every monitor renders colour slightly differently so if you're unsure which colour is right for you, feel free to contact our customer care team and we will help you choose the best colour for you.

I have salt and pepper hair, can I use NutJobTM?

Of course! Simply apply NutJobTM in grey and blend in, then apply whichever colour best suits your ‘pepper' bits and blend in. You'll be amazed how easy it is and how great it looks!


Ingredients: Cellulose 95%, Sodium Sulfate, Aluminium Silicate, contains traces of Ammonium Chloride, may contain mineral based colour