She had no idea till I told her

How do hair building fibres work

Finally, an invisible hair loss solution for those of us not ready to lose it.

Guys, we know that at some stage there may be some hair loss, right? But whether you are new to this or fed up with it, there is a simple totally, invisible solution.

Yes she can still run her fingers through your hair and no, it doesn't come off.

Daz From WA told us this story... “I didn’t tell her until we were engaged and she was blown away. In all the time we had been together, she had never noticed. Had no idea. But once I told her, she was totally cool with it and told me to continue using Nut Job – she preferred me with more hair”


How do hair building fibres work?

Nut Job is Australia's top selling hair building fibre brand. It is a completely undetectable, hair loss solution used every day by tens of thousands of guys in Australia.

Made from cotton fibres, Nut Job shakes onto dry hair and instantly clings to each of your precious hairs making each one of them appear up to ten times thicker. So it looks like you have ten times more hair. So simple.

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Is Nut Job Different to Other Hair Fibres?

Yep! Our customers sure think so. Hair fibres began to show up about 30 years ago and were an instant hit with guys like you as well as celebrities. Problem was, these fibres were made using a chemical process to mimic the keratin found in hair. Unfortunately these ‘keratin’ products are expensive and often contain some seriously sketchy chemicals.

Nut Job is an Aussie company based in Sydney and we’re committed to bringing you the latest technology in hair thickening fibres. Our products are of the highest quality, made from natural ingredients and have the best cling on the market. Not to mention we bring you the best hair technology on offer at a cheaper price than the other dodgy stuff out there.


How do hair building fibres work?


 cure male pattern baldness

The reason hair building fibres work so well is because they have a slight electrostatic charge which causes them to cling to clean, dry hair. 

So what have you got to lose ?

Oh, yeah… don't think about this for too long!

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