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Nut Job vs Toppik


Nut Job Natural Cotton Hair Fibres Toppik Keratin "protein" Hair Fibres
Nut Job: The latest technology hair fibres from an Australian company Toppik: Old technology, been around for over 30 years from an American company
Nut Job: Made from 100% natural cotton fibres. No animal products. All natural plant derivatives Toppik: Made using animal products to mimic the "keratin protein" found in human hair
Nut Job: Looks completely natural, even in bright sunlight Toppik: Some colours look green under bright sunlight
Nut Job: High quality cotton fibres are extremely colour-fast so won’t stain skin, hats, clothes or pillowcases Toppik: Keratin fibres are not colour-fast. When added to a glass of water the water turns green
Nut Job: Super high cling – clings to hair, not scalp and won’t fall out Toppik: Some users report that keratin fibres tend to clump on the scalp
Nut Job: So strong that it can be used without a holding spray Toppik: Requires special holding spray
Nut Job: Natural ingredients mean it’s safe for even the most sensitive scalps Toppik: Contains chemicals such as ammonium chloride and DMDM hydantoin which may cause irritation in some
Nut Job: Comes in one 22g size Toppik: Variety of sizes
Nut Job: Ships same day from Nut Job in Sydney - an Australian company

Toppik: American company

Less than half the price of Toppik!

$39.00 per 22g bottle = $1.77/g

More than double the price of Nut Job!

$35.99 per 10g bottle - $3.59/g



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