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Nut Job gives me confidence, especially in the gym I work in as a personal trainer.. In an industry where image is very important, covering up the thinning parts is easy and undetectable.. so happy with this product.


I've been using Nut Job for over a year now. I use the dark brown since that closely matches my natural hair colour. Nobody knows I'm using anything in my hair. I suggest you guys give it a go! It is so easy to use.


This is such a brilliant product and not just for men. While women may not suffer from hair loss in the same way - or to the same extent as men - in our later years thinning & areas where the scalp becomes obvious is very common. This solved my problem completely - with a couple of shakes I can fill in my thinning areas & wear my hair any way I like.


I use Nut Job every day because it instantly thickens my hair and covers  my crown. I use the grey and am very happy with it. One bottle last 2-3 months, which is great value!


I have been using your product for approximately 4 years now and I think that it is excellent. Its like a man makeup for men. I feel so comfortable now in public and much more excited about going out. I will continue to use the product and will be ordering more online in the future.


Great for women as well as men.  I am a woman and have been using this product for years. I love it!! Thank you Nut Job


I find Nut Job is so easy to use. Also I diluted the spray (50/50) with water and found that gave a more natural look.


Nut Job shakes on and covers up so easily. Love it and can't live without it now. Thicker looking hair. No mess easy to use. Just try it. I was skeptical at first but for 50 bucks thought why not. I don't write reviews but love this product.


Looks like I have more hair than I really do. Looking much younger with Nut Job in place.


I can have a full head of hair any time I want.