We know you don't want to waste time reading a whole heap of marketing stuff. So here's the quick info...

What is it? Super small (microscopic) hair-like, electrostatically charged cotton fibres.

How does it actually work? The fibres cling to each individual hair shaft, making each shaft of hair up to ten times thicker. Basically magic.

Can you see it? Nope. Because they’re only little guys and they stick to individual hairs, they blend in super well.

Can it make my hair sitch worse? Nope, it’s all natural cotton. No sketchy chemicals to derail your quest for regrowth.

Is it permanent? Nope, the electrostatic charge is broken when you wash your hair so you’re in full control of your style as it evolves.

Does it fall out? Nope. It’s suuuper clingy. Those bad boys are going nowhere. 

How much is it? $42 buys you about 6-8 weeks worth.

Shipping? Free if you buy two or more bottles, $10 otherwise.

Can I get a refund if I don’t like it? Yeah, alright.

How do I know my colour? Just pick whatever looks close and if you get it wrong, we’ll swap it for free.

Yep, we're legends! 

Here's the colour chart:

Nut Job colour chart

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Want to see one or our customers applying Nut Job in 30 seconds? Here's a video:



Infoholic...? Want more deets? 

Ok well keep reading. We've written some lovely copy for you to get stuck into below...


Cover up a bald spot with hair fibres


You always knew there had to be something more to solving hair loss - all you had to do was find it.  


Well good news, you have found it! Yeeeww! The solution thousands of Aussie guys are using every day to cover up their early signs of balding is right here. You’re now part of the secret club. You’re in the know. You have taken the red pill.

You may have thought about picking up the phone and calling one of those expensive Medical Hair Loss Centres who advertise on TV, but something kept stopping you. Was it the cost? Were you sceptical? Both? Who wants to spend thousands of dollars on something that might not even work? Well now you don’t have to! Woop.

Nut Job™ is a completely undetectable, hair loss solution used every day by thousands of guys in Australia. Almost every male TV personality in Australia is using hair fibres. We know who many of them are because they’re in our customer list! 

Made from cotton fibres in a hair colour that’s just right for you, these tiny fibres shake onto dry hair and instantly cling to each of your precious hairs making each one of them appear up to ten times thicker. So it looks like you have ten times more hair. So simple.

Check out these actual photos, (taken with our Kaiser Baas USB microscope camera – i.e. not trick photography) see how they cling? That long string thing in the middle is a hair we nicked from one of our office guys and then we simply shook some Nut Job onto it. Pretty interesting to see it up close like that, right? Microscopes are so fun. Have you ever looked at sand under a microscope? It’s really cool as well. Ok, we promised you info on hiding your hair loss, not interesting gadgets you can waste hours playing with… Contact us if you want more tips for stuff to look at with a microscope if you get your hands on one ;)


Nut Job magnification

Where has this stuff been hiding?

Something like this was developed over 30 years ago but it was made using a chemical process to simulate the nature of the keratin found in hair. Unfortunately those products are expensive and often contain some of those chemicals you read about.

Nut Job (an Aussie company) is the latest technology in hair thickening fibres. Totally up to date with the highest quality, most natural ingredients and designed to give you maximum thickness and cling without the colour run of some of the old technology keratin stuff (*cough* Toppik *cough*). 

At around 45 cents a day, you won’t find a better value offer out there.

Don’t risk thousands and thousands of bucks on a so-called medical solution that may or may not work (and guess what… those guys recommend this product too, which you may find interesting).

So what have you got to lose?

Nut Job Review

Oh yeah… more hair while you think about this for too long.

Spend just a few bucks today to receive it tomorrow.

Fast local shipping, discreet packaging and the product delivered to your home or office tomorrow *.

Have you worked out why there seems to be more and more guys out there in your age group who look like they have heaps more hair than you?

Now that you know their secret, you can BE one of those guys!

So what are you waiting for?

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 And pick up a bottle to try. You will be totally blown away when you see what a few shakes of Nut Job into your hair each morning can do for your confidence!

We're pretty chill so we'll even give you free shipping on your first bottle. Too easy!

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Nut Job review

So all you have to spend to find out what this is all about is $42, not thousands of dollars, not weeks of consultations, you are just a day away from the latest, coolest product which you can apply in the privacy of your own home. 

Get into it today – you will be glad you did. We promise.

In fact if you don’t like it, we will refund your money – no questions asked. Told you we were chill.

What could be better than that?

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*Guaranteed next day delivery if orders placed by 12.00 midday. Applies to Australia Post Express Post areas only.


Nut Job Review

Applying Nut Job Hair Fibres

As you can see, Nut Job Hair Fibres are easy to apply and so effective! You'll have a thicker head of hair in no time at all and be able to cover those thinner areas with ease. Our fibres are naturally derived from cotton and won't irritate your scalp or clog your follicles. They're completely colourfast and won't run if you sweat or get wet. If you're into water sports or want to conceal grey hair too, double up with Rootz Waterproof Scalp and Grey Root Concealer, and you're all set for a healthy head of thick hair!