Nut Job Caboki
Nut JobTM Natural Cotton Hair Fibres Caboki Hair Fibres
Nut JobTM: The latest technology hair fibres Caboki: Recent Technology
Nut JobTM: Made from 100% natural cotton fibres. No animal products. All natural plant derivatives Caboki: Made from ‘gossypium herbaceum’ – don’t be fooled by the marketing spin, this is just a fancy way of saying cotton.
Nut JobTM: Looks completely natural, even in bright sunlight Caboki: Many customers report that Caboki is very visible and fear that others may be able to tell that they are wearing it.
Nut JobTM: True hair colours developed by Australian hair colour specialists Caboki: Colours are not very true to life so can be hard to match your colour.
Nut JobTM: True to life hair colours, making Nut Job the most natural colours available Caboki: Blond colour is actually yellow, making it even more highly visible on blonds.
Nut JobTM: Ships same day from Nut Job in Sydney - an Australian company Caboki: Ships from the USA
Nut Job: 22g bottle $39.00 Caboki: One 25g bottle shipped from the US in 6 weeks costs $63.90 in Australian dollars


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Applying Nut Job Hair Fibres

As you can see, Nut Job Hair Fibres are easy to apply and so effective! You'll have a thicker head of hair in no time at all and be able to cover those thinner areas with ease. Our fibres are naturally derived from cotton and won't irritate your scalp or clog your follicles. They're completely colourfast and won't run if you sweat or get wet. If you're into water sports or want to conceal grey hair too, double up with Rootz Waterproof Scalp and Grey Root Concealer, and you're all set for a healthy head of thick hair!