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Nut Job vs Caboki


Nut Job Caboki
Nut Job Natural Cotton Hair Fibres Caboki Hair Fibres
Nut Job: The latest technology hair fibres Caboki: Recent Technology
Nut Job: Made from 100% natural cotton fibres. No animal products. All natural plant derivatives Caboki: Made from ‘gossypium herbaceum’ – don’t be fooled by the marketing spin, this is just a fancy way of saying cotton.
Nut Job: Looks completely natural, even in bright sunlight Caboki: Many customers report that Caboki is very visible and fear that others may be able to tell that they are wearing it.
Nut Job: True hair colours developed by Australian hair colour specialists Caboki: Colours are not very true to life so can be hard to match your colour.
Nut Job: True to life hair colours, making Nut Job the most natural colours available Caboki: Blond colour is actually yellow, making it even more highly visible on blonds.
Nut Job: Ships same day from Nut Job in Sydney - an Australian company Caboki: Ships from the USA
Nut Job: 22g bottle $39.00 Caboki: One 25g bottle shipped from the US in 6 weeks costs $63.90 in Australian dollars


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