Let’s Get Honest About Hair Loss

Let’s Get Honest About Hair Loss
bruce willis hair lossHair Loss; you can embrace it, cover it or lose it, these days the choice is yours.

With men’s hair loss becoming a less taboo subject, and men embracing it everywhere, we thought we'd get real and honest about why men lose their hair and celebrate the men embracing their new look.

Celebrities like Dwyane ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Jude Law, Adam Lavigne, and Jason Statham have all embraced their thinning hair and some have even opened up about their hair loss. Bruce Willis saying ‘Hair loss is Gods way of telling me I am human’ 

Who's Affected by Hair Loss and Why?

Most white males, depending on their genetic makeup, will have seen changes to their hair by the age of 50, while other ethnic groups like Chinese and Japanese are less affected.  

Ninety five percent of male hair loss is characterised by male pattern baldness and the three main causative factors are age, hormones and genetics. Males with relatives who have experienced hereditary hair loss have a higher chance of losing hair themselves. Thanks Dad!

Other factors contributing to male pattern baldness are stress, chronic illness, smoking, iron deficiency, diet and use of certain medications.

hair loss causesWhat Do I Do About It?

There are many treatments on the market for male hair loss including medication (Minoxidil or Rogaine) hair loss transplants, shampoos and topical treatments and laser and light therapy. All these offer different results depending on the reason for your hair loss and the stage you are at.  

There are also temporary solutions for thinning hair including toppers, scalp micro pigmentation and hair fibres (keratin or plant based).

Nut Job fibres are made from natural cotton that cling to the existing hair shaft to thicken the look of each hair shaft, which in turn reduces the visibility of the scalp.

It's a really fast and easy option if you are not ready to embrace the wind on your scalp just yet (and let's face it, that's most of us guys under 30). Nut Job was created for our male customers who want an instant hair loss solution and to cover any thinning areas without losing confidence and style!

Real Nut Job customers who got honest about their hair loss: 

"Been using Nut Job for a few years and it has never let me down. My friends all think I have a full head of my own hair. I would recommend this to anyone looking to get out of wearing a hat look” - MATT

"The nut job is simply amazing. It builds my confidence again. I look at least 5 years younger. The fibres stay on the root of hair even under wet conditions. Try Nut Job, your new life begins now" - DAVID

"Nut Job is great for thickening my hair.  I have the early stages of MPB and particularly have thinning at the front and crown.  I use Nut Job every morning to thicken up those spots and once applied my hair looks natural and full.  I really dislike the balding process and I am certainly not ready to accept it.  I have tried many other products to stop or slow the process but none of these have had any effect.  Nut Job is the only product that works and helps me to feel confident in how I look" - STEVE

“I was so embarrassed by my thinning hair, I was only 23 when I noticed it start to change. My father is bald and I never thought it would happen for me so young. I discovered Nut Job and use it every few days! My mates at the gym don’t know, its completely undetectable and gives me so much more confidence” - AARON

nut job reviews

If you are looking for that little bit of extra confidence, you can shop Nut Job Hair Thickening Fibres today right here. If you try it now you can take advantage of a free shipping offer. Insert CONFIDENCE4ME as the discount code at checkout.

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